Which Part of the Book Is Best?


Book Play Pic

COVER: I’m the best. Without me, they wouldn’t even check the book out.

STORY: Cover, you’re just the good looks. I’m the brains.

BLURB: Nobody will see your brains until I convince them to look inside.

PRICE: They won’t see how the story turns out until I show them what a great value the book is.

FORMATTING: My excellent design is what makes it such a great value.

CHARACTERIZATION: The memorable characters generate future sales through reviews, recommendations, and referrals. I draw out the reader’s emotions.

EDITING: Those would be bad reviews if not for me!

MARKETING: I created the buzz for this book, and I generated sales and reviews.

COPYRIGHT: You’re all wrong. I’m best.

BLURB: How the deuce are you best? Nobody even reads the stinkin’ copyright page.

Everyone but Copyright laughs.

COPYRIGHT: If not for my copyright statement, everyone would be getting this book for free. And…

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writing erotica or romantica?

So I’ve been reading  a lot of erotica lately and like I said earlier in my post, I’ve come to the conclusion, I don’t write erotica, I write Romantica that’s what another writer, I talk to calls it.

I’ve read so much about “hard throbbing cocks and wet pussy” the last few days my eyes hurt.

And erotica sometimes has no meaning behind the story it’s just sex. In my opinion, that’s not very interesting for me; there has to be little meaning behind the story to it make interesting.

Something else I have figured out over the few weeks it doesn’t have to be vulgar to sound hot either.

And please leave something to my imagination for Pete sake lol isn’t that what reading is all about in the first place letting your imagination run free?

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I have learned about my writing the last few months.


good feedback:)

So I wanted to share this comment I got on tumblr on my story The One….

Not to be impatient or annoying or anything but………..when’s the next chapter coming out? Pretty please?

When I saw this the other day, on tumblr it made my day, I’ve always gotten good feedback on my work but ever since i started working with Diana the feedback has gotten even better:)